7 December, 2023

Dubai, UAE

Code of conduct

We make the Freedom Business Summit happen because we are curious how the world is transforming into a global citizenship playground. We believe that every individual has intentionally invested into their freedom and built a location independent lifestyle. These goals are only achievable in the environment which values each individual and nurtures mutual respect.

We aim to make the Freedom Business Summit summit a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. This Сode of Сonduct states the behavior we support and don’t tolerate both at the summit and online, incl. any social media and emails. 

We expect all attendees, speakers, sponsors, partners, exhibitors, team members and volunteers to adhere to the Freedom Business Summit Code of Conduct.

Freedom Business Summit Team Stands for:

Together with Freedom Business Summit guests, we create the best global citizenship summit in the world. It means, we encourage respectful and tolerant behavior towards everyone at Freedom Business Summit which also comes with curiosity, open-mindedness and a good amount of fun. 

We don’t accept harassment, offensive behavior at our summit venues or anywhere. 

We don’t accept discrimination by any nationality or passport issuing country. All guests from any country in the world are welcome at Freedom Business Summit. We don’t accept attendees to our events that share violent beliefs and encourage any war-related activities anywhere in the world. We stand for building productive business and partnership relationships beyond politics. We respect all people that share our beliefs. 

We are committed to creating a place that is welcoming and respectful to all participants, regardless of race, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, age, national origin, ethnicity, or religion.

When we say ‘harassment’, we mean offensive comments, verbal threats or demands, sexualised images in public spaces, intimidation, stalking, harassing photography or recording. Harassment also includes sustained disruption of sessions or events, unwelcome physical contact or sexual attention, slights and negative messages, both unintended and intentional. This also applies to the speakers’ presentations which should not use images or examples that would violate the Сode of Сonduct.

Sponsors, partners and exhibitors should not use sexual images, giveaways, activities, or other materials in their promotions. Booth staff (including volunteers) should not use suggestive clothing/uniforms/costumes or otherwise create a sexualised environment.

We expect all participants — attendees, speakers, sponsors, partners, exhibitors, team members and volunteers — to follow the Code of Conduct during the summit and all the summit-related social events at off-site locations, and in related online communities and social media.


If you are being harassed or discriminated against for your nationality, notice that someone else is being harassed or discriminated against, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of the Freedom Business Summit team immediately. We will take action to assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe at the summit. Freedom Business Summit Team and volunteers can be identified by their Staff t-shirts and badges. You can also contact us by email at hello@Freedom Business Summitconf.io All reports will be kept confidential among our team, who have been trained to respond to violations of this Code of Conduct.

Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. summit participants violating this Code of Conduct may be expelled from the summit without a refund, and/or banned from future Freedom Business Summit events, at the discretion of Freedom Business Summit organizers.

Thanks for making Freedom Business Summit a welcoming and respectful place for global ideas, great minds and new collaborations!